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Windows XP problems
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Jacob F. on Jan 20 2012 10:40AM #1
I have Windows XP Professional and using Firefox 9.0.1. When i try to view aerial photos i have only a grey screen. Please help.

Mohammad K. on Jan 20 2012 2:51PM #2
Hey Jacob,

It looks like you're clicking on Canada. Unfortunately, we do not have any imagery for Canada.
Jacob F. on Jan 21 2012 12:21AM #3
I also clicking on other country (Florida, California) but i have this same problem grey screen.
Mohammad K. on Jan 23 2012 11:15AM #4
Hey Jacob,

Sorry; it looks like I didn't watch the video all the way through. I am surprised this is occurring with the Silverlight viewer; usually its pretty smooth once it has been installed.

You can try to visit the JavaScript version of the page at, http://www.historicaerials.com/?javascript

Does that solve the problem? Also, what browser are you using?
Jacob F. on Jan 24 2012 1:27PM #5
Yes, that solve the problem. Thanks a lot! :) I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 Do i need some plugin to Silverlight viewer ?
HYeah M. on Feb 11 2012 10:10AM #6
Silverlight? Isn't that a proprietary platform controlled by Microsoft?

Why bother with sliverlight when JS is pretty much a free platform that is widely used and supported by most operating systems?

If you want a second version to maintain how about a historicaerials.com android app and the JavaScript version the main version of historicaerials.com!
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