Windows XP problems
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Jacob F. on Jan 20 2012 10:40AM #1
I have Windows XP Professional and using Firefox 9.0.1. When i try to view aerial photos i have only a grey screen. Please help.
Mohammad K. on Jan 20 2012 2:51PM #2
Hey Jacob,

It looks like you're clicking on Canada. Unfortunately, we do not have any imagery for Canada.
Jacob F. on Jan 21 2012 12:21AM #3
I also clicking on other country (Florida, California) but i have this same problem grey screen.
Mohammad K. on Jan 23 2012 11:15AM #4
Hey Jacob,

Sorry; it looks like I didn't watch the video all the way through. I am surprised this is occurring with the Silverlight viewer; usually its pretty smooth once it has been installed.

You can try to visit the JavaScript version of the page at,

Does that solve the problem? Also, what browser are you using?
Jacob F. on Jan 24 2012 1:27PM #5
Yes, that solve the problem. Thanks a lot! :) I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 Do i need some plugin to Silverlight viewer ?
HYeah M. on Feb 11 2012 10:10AM #6
Silverlight? Isn't that a proprietary platform controlled by Microsoft?

Why bother with sliverlight when JS is pretty much a free platform that is widely used and supported by most operating systems?

If you want a second version to maintain how about a android app and the JavaScript version the main version of!
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