Is there a way to just pay one flat rate fee for all maps concerned?
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Matt S. on Dec 11 2014 7:39PM #1

I am very interested in US military history and I am interested in using this site to obtain maps for battlefield locations in the United States. Because landscapes have often been changed or altered in the recent years, especially because of population booms and development. However I find it a big turn-off to have to pay for each map individually. Is there an alternative to this? Am I missing something? Or is this just how it is?

Brett P. on Jan 2 2015 10:18AM #2
Hi Matt,

We are considering the idea of offering a subscription service which will make it more convenient to obtain imagery free of watermarks. There are some hurdles to overcome but we have some good ideas on the table.

Chuck G. on Jan 8 2015 6:57AM #3
I also would be interested in a subscription service that allowed viewing without watermarks.
Greg M. on Jun 11 2015 6:57PM #4
I'd like to add my voice to the conversation. I would pay for a membership, but I'm done buying maps at $20 a pop. There were a couple that I just had to have, but the "fun to have" just don't warrant the cost.

One of the reasons that the "fun to have" maps would be doable via membership is that as I purchased the maps that I got, I found myself wanting to slightly "adjust" the resolution ( up or down ), but 'oops!' too bad, you already made your selection.

I paid $100 for five maps. I might get a hankering for another next year and another the next year. That's $150-200 for three years worth of pictures. If I sign up for $150/year, what's it cost to run the historicaerials computer to serve up a few tens of gigabytes worth of data a year? If I were running the site, I would find out. That would determine whether it's worth setting something up.

It might be possible to offer different membership levels and limit how much can be downloaded in a year. I can see people abusing a good system.
William P. on Jun 28 2015 5:27AM #5
I would also like to support this concept of watermark-free subscription plans. Having commercial, government and individual plans using various pixel resolutions would be very beneficial.
Kristie P. on Nov 10 2015 2:24PM #6
Hello, I am also interested in a subscription service. I see that many of these responses are several months old. Are there any updates on if/when this will possibly happen? Thanks!
Brett P. on Nov 26 2015 12:13PM #7

We are still in the planning stages. I'll know more by the end of December.

Prentice T. on Jan 17 2016 1:54PM #8
Has there been any new updates on the subscription service?
Kristin S. on Jan 23 2016 2:41PM #9
Hi Brett,
I would also be interested in a flat rate monthly subscription for access to non-watermarked images. I understand proper citation would be required. I use this website on a weekly basis to do historical research, but seeing the aeriels without the watermark would make a huge difference for my research. There is one university I can go to for copies, but traveling there is inconvenient and time consuming. Paying for this service would be much easier and more worthwhile. It would also bring in additional revenue. Please let me know if this service could be offered soon!

Ben J. on Feb 5 2016 11:55PM #10
Hey Brett.

I'm with the top TV station in a very historic city. These maps are awesome. How would a subscription based site deal with wanting to use these images on air? Amazing contrast between then and now.
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