recent buzz... Added aerial photo coverage for all of Anderson County Texas in the year 1960....

I used to be able to select multiple years from the same extent, do I have to add each year to My Gallery individually?

You still can!  After you select your location and save it to your Gallery.  You'll want to select the frame size and file type you'd like.  Above the "add to cart" button, there is an option to add additional years.  Click that and you can select all of the additional years you'd like add at the same time from the exact same image extent. 

I downloaded an image and it looks tiled or pixelated, then I downloaded it with more pixels and it looks even worse, why? What are the differences between 1800, 3600 and 7200 pixel downloads?

Higher pixel downloads are a great feature when used correctly.  If you are specifically focused on a small area, then you'll most likely only need the 1800 pixel download.  3600 and 7200 pixel downloads can be used in small areas, but only if the original photo can support it.  If you are focused on a small property, the best practice to get a quality download is to look at all of the years of interest.  If the worst resolution image looks ok, then all of the better quality images will also.  If you work from the best quality photo, it may look great, but the other years may have a tiled or pixeled look to them.  How do you avoid getting tiled looking images?  If you zoom into the photo and it looks blocky in the viewer, then the download will be the same.  You're in too close for that particular photo, zoom out till it looks clear then increase the purchase box till it's as large as it can get at that zoom level.  You may be purchasing more area than you need, but if you make it too small the photo will look poor.  This is the best practice for getting the best resolution available for your year of interest. 

When do I use 3600 or 7200 pixels when downloading?  If you're focusing on a medium to large area, or you're looking at a REALLY high resolution image.  If you have a section of farm land or small neighborhood, small to medium comercial or industrial site and you need a little more area, then the 3600 pixel downloads will allow you to take a little more area and maintain the resolution of the image as you zoom in on the photo.  If you're looking at a larger area of coverage or the original photo is really high resolution then the 7200 pixel image will allow you to capture a larger area and maintain the resolution when zooming in.  If you purchase the lower resolution and feel you should've gone with the higher pixel count, then we can offer an exchange and credit the original purchase toward the upgrade.  Hope this helps with some of the confusion on the pixel sizes.

All of the years aren't showing for my area, I know there were more years listed before, did you remove images?

No we haven't taken any aerial photography off of the website.  On our old site the years list was larger and in most places a scroll bar was never needed.  Between the change in layout and the fact that we are constantly adding new imagery, this is becoming more common in areas.   Make sure to scroll down the list if the entire box is filled with years.  If you are using a Mac, the preferences settings may be causing you to not see the scroll bar in the year list.  This can be easily solved in the system preferences. Click the apple icon at the top left of your screen.  Choose system preferences, then select General.  In the second section down change the "show scroll bars" option to "always".  This will help accommodate the smaller screens so that the entire webpage will be able to scroll up and down, as well as populate a scroll bar in your browsers for the years listing.  

Why does the GeoTiff cost more than the other image formats?

GeoTiff images are georeferenced imagery.  All of the imagery on our website has been georeferenced and is available in GeoTiff format, which can be used in GIS software like ArcMap and AutoCAD applications.  PNG and Jpeg formats are offered for users who only need the photo.  If you insist on purchasing the Tiff file format, it will also come with the geolocation data embedded.  

How do I cancel my subscriptoin?

As a subscriber you will be billed regularly based on your subscription choice (montly or every 6 months).  If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time.  To do so, you must login to your account.  Go to your Dashboard, and click Subscription.  In this menu the type of subscription, start date, and next billing date will all be listed.  You also have the option to change the credit card on file, cancel your subscription and view any previous invoices.  To cancel, simlply click the "Cancel Subscription" button.  You'll get an information window, containg the final date your subscirption will be active through.  Click the proceed button and your subscriptoin will be canceled.  

Why can't I save an image to My Gallery?  or When I click on "Save to Gallery" nothing happens, what am I doing wrong?

This is an issue that seems to be specific to IE (Internet Explorer) users.  This issue is not however univeral for all IE users, many can navigate the site without a problem.  That being the case, it seems to be user specific.  Something in settings, preferences, plug-ins, or additional programs installed on the system that may be interferring.  We have been unable to coorelate this issue to a specific situation.  For now our recommendation is to try another browser.  Chrome, Firefox and Edge all seem to be working fine.   Mac users shouldn't be having this issue.  If you are experiencing this problem in a browser other than IE, please let us know by emailing through the Support>Contact Us link and provide details of your specific browser, and a description of what is happening.    

Will my download look better than what I see on the website?

No, we do not degrade the image quality for display purposes.  What you see is the best that particular photo can get.  If you cannot see the details you may need in the viewer window, it is unlikely you'll see any clearer in a download.  The watermarks are removed on a download, that is the only difference between the two.  


I emailed and haven't heard back, is anyone there?

While I'm sure it's possible an email will get missed from time to time, we try to respond to every question or request that we get through our support link. Often times the email response will come faster than a call back.  If you email support and don't hear back, check your spam folder.  Our emails have addresses that are common and in the public domain.  Especially if you have an email address or anything related to their entire network of emaill addresses.  If you have an related email address I would highly recommend using a different email address when signing up with our site.  I have to email them frequently, identifying my response as "not spam" and waiting to see if they allow the email through to the customer.  If you email a question and have not registered, or registered without filling in a phone number, there is no way to respond to you if At&t decides they don't want to allow it through.  

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As a subscriber you are allocated a set number of credits each month. By downloading imagery you will use one or more of your monthly credits.  Topo downloads are included with your subscription and will not be subtracted from your credit allocation.  To continue, simply click Ok, otherwise click Cancel.

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